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The Usher Hall in Edinburgh is Scotland’s premier concert hall, hosting events including classical, pop, world, jazz and rock musicians. The venue opened in 1914 and remains Scotland’s only five-star concert destination.

The problem 

Given the prestige of the Usher Hall, the designing Architect for the £25m refurbishment of the building, which was completed in 2010, wanted to create a very special effect with the central staircase. For maximum visual impact, the structure was to be constructed such that no welds were visible.

The solution 

The solution, which the Architect and Edwards collaboratively developed, combined laser cutting of the mild steel with an innovative concrete-filled tread design. This utilised a ‘dovetail’ approach to the structure that eliminated the need for a central column.

The outcome 

The Spiral Staircase forms a dramatic centrepiece of the Usher Hall's entrance foyer and creates an arresting and breathtaking effect that does justice to the reputation of this remarkable building.


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