From cereal to bottled water, Edwards combines engineering expertise with food and drink industry experience. We are proud to enable production of some of the UK's most respected brands.

Market sectors:

  • Distillers
  • Maltsters
  • Premium food producers
  • Grain processers
  • Bottling and packaging operations

Key areas of expertise:

  • All aspects of grain handling including conveyors, silos, malt turners, drying floors, barley washing, malt clovers, wet and dry grain handling and kiln heating and heat recovery
  • Manufacture and installation of pipework systems, valves, tanks and liquid storage vessels
  • Upgrading and enhancing processing plants, packaging and bottling lines

Where the challenge faced is new, we bring innovative problem-solving to develop solutions that are implementable and offer value for money.

Example projects:

  • For Diageo, Edwards removed an existing malt stripper loader at the Port Ellen Maltings, Islay. We then manufactured and installed a new stainless steel stripper loader for the Germination and Kilning Vessel.
  • For Boortmalt at Buckie, we replaced glass tube heat exchangers and manufactured and installed high-level large stainless steel ducting and support steelwork.
  • For Crisp Maltings at Portgordon, Edwards refurbished the Malthouse while the malting process continued unimpacted (see case study).
  • At the Dalwhinnie Distillery, we supplied and installed grain handling equipment. We also manufactured and installed stainless steel pipework, and supplied and installed DSEAR equipment.
  • At the Lagavulin Distillery on Islay, we made alterations to existing steelwork, and manufactured and installed stainless steel pipework. Edwards also manufactured and installed a new stainless steel spirit tank and fitted a tanker loader.
  • At Broxburn Bottlers, Scotland’s largest independent whisky blending and bottling company, we designed and built a new blending centre. To meet the challenging deadline, we undertook complete 3D engineering modelling of the structural, mechanical and process components of the project. This resulted in the majority of fabrication and preparation works being completed off-site and minimal on-site pipe and steel work, streamlining installation (see case study and news article).
  • Muntons is a leading supplier of malts and malted ingredients to the food and drinks industry worldwide. Edwards was tasked with the complete refurbishment of two germination box buildings alongside the installation of new malting beds. This project highlighted Edwards’ position as a leading expert in streamlining engineering projects, from conception to fabrication, through to installation and completion (see case study and news article).
  • For James Aimers Tea & Coffee, Edwards designed, planned and installed a coffee bean roasting production process and CDM managed the whole project from inception to final commissioning and handover (see case study and news article).