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As a multi-discipline engineering firm with more than half a century of experience, Edwards Engineering is ideally placed to manage major projects from conception to completion. With a proven track record as the partner of choice for manufacturers and processors, Edwards Engineering can be relied upon to bring contractors together to deliver, on time and on budget.

Edwards Engineering and Kingdom Farming, which manages Balgonie Estates, have had a good working relationship for many years, with Edwards having installed equipment on various Kingdom Farming sites, as well as carrying out servicing and supplying breakdown response during harvest.

The problem

Balgonie Estates Ltd, which is managed by Kingdom Farming, was seeking a new grain drying and processing plant at their Southparks Farm storage facility. Space was limited, so the original plant was removed and Edwards was limited to creating the new facility within the available space. An entirely bespoke design would be required.

There would also be the challenge of managing multiple contractors on site, while avoiding disruption to normal production on the farm. With tonnes of stock being moved around onsite daily, strict health and safety practises would be essential, with traffic management and segregation of the workforce needing particular attention.

The solution

Edwards’ engineers set about designing, procuring and installing a brand new grain drying and processing plant as the project’s principle contractor.

It took more than a year to get the design exactly right, with multiple revisions and changes. Edwards worked with BDC Systems to design and install a SVEGMA continuous flow 50tph Grain Dryer, Skandia conveyors and elevators, a JKF dust filtration system along with the grain pre-cleaner and cleaner from Cimbria.

One of the most challenging elements of the project was the negotiation with the utilities company regarding the required power upgrade at the site, which needed to be increased from 400A to 800A.

Despite these challenges, and the tight timeframe set throughout the project, Edwards successfully completed the project in 18 months (including design work), and within the agreed budget.

The outcome 

Balgonie Estates now has a modern processing facility which adheres to stringent safety standards, this places them well to take on contracts where the specification of crop requires the highest quality of product. It also allows them to dry crops at a higher throughput which means timescales can be reduced.

High tech controls allow single person operation for the whole plant, while autopilot operation enables the plant to continue working while the operator is elsewhere on site. Any issues can be quickly dealt with as the operator is alerted by email or text message.

Sandy Knight, Edwards Engineering agricultural manager, commented: “As principal contractor, managing the process right through from design to installation, we were able to take a lot of the pressure off our clients. We managed multiple suppliers, negotiated with utility suppliers over electricity capacity upgrades and streamlined the design, procurement, installation, mechanical and engineering work, and after sales support, all under one roof.”


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