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Matthew Algie is an award-winning premium coffee roaster based in Glasgow with a rich history dating back to 1864, offering tailored coffee solutions to thousands of café and hospitality businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

The problem

Matthew Algie was looking to invest in two new modern packing lines for roasted coffee, but this required reconfiguring the layout due to the confined space in the current roastery. It needed to rethink material flow and storage options to create adequate space and production capacity. 

The solution

To facilitate this reconfiguration of their Glasgow Roastery and to support the continued growth of the business, Matthew Algie required an engineering partner that understood the importance of continued operations to the existing customer base with minimal downtime. Plus, bringing a deep problem solving capability to overcome the technical challenges this requirement would impose. Edwards Engineering brought both to its collaboration with Matthew Algie.

Matthew Algie’s roastery upgrade was implemented in phases to create capacity in the production area and to clear space for the next stage of the project. The new green bean intake area and sieving platform was relocated next to the coffee blending function, while removing the redundant blending hoppers and feed conveyors. This created the space that now houses the new packing lines and allowed Edwards to install new vacuum lines to deliver green beans to the two coffee roasters.

One of Matthew Algie’s operating principles was creating complete independence between the roasters and the packing lines. In an extremely constrained space, removing all the equipment feeding the former packing line was essential to make space for the new weigh hopper structures, which were constructed in sequence. In addition to this, high-quality chain and disc transport conveyors were installed to progressively allow roaster upgrades and changeovers while not sacrificing the production of roasted coffee. 

Edwards worked closely with the Matthew Algie team and Caltech, the Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation company, over the period of commissioning to ensure Site Acceptance Testing was completed with the roasted coffee throughputs and product quality standards being achieved.

The outcome 

The upgraded facility positions Matthew Algie for growth, with integrated automation of its entire process from green bean, blending and roasting, to packaged products ready for distribution. The facility offers excellent control regarding batch weights, blends and yields for Organic and Inorganic Coffee, meeting the highest Food Standards requirements.


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We are delighted with the completed upgrade to the Green and Roasted Bean Handling capability, delivered by Edwards. The project was delivered alongside our ongoing production and packaging requirements – Edwards’ foresight and flexibility in working with our other contractors was key to the success of the investment.

Paul Chadderton, Managing Director of Matthew Algie