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At Edwards Engineering, we are proud of our history of delivering challenging projects where various customer objectives may, at first glance, have seemed at odds with one another.

The problem 

Forbo Flooring’s unique products pass through a stage of production that involves baking in large stoves. The stoves, of which there are 30, were 19 metres high and four metres wide. Forbo needed to expand eleven of these stoves by extending the height another three metres. The original design required the steel roof to be removed, the stoves' concrete ceilings to be removed and the walls built up. In this exorbitantly expensive solution, the ceilings and roof would then be replaced.

The solution 

Edwards developed a solution that left the steel roof structure in place, and utilised an innovative material in a new application. Steel ‘goal posts’ were fixed to the top of the stoves after the ceilings had been removed. Dense ‘rock wool’ was then used to fill 150mm cladding panels to complete the stove structures.

The outcome 

This solution found a way to meet Forbo’s budget constraints while implementing a highly effective improvement in their manufacturing processes.


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