Sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular in housebuilding and heating – and we’re helping to make it happen.

Our material handling expertise is in demand for new installations and capability upgrades.

Market sectors:

  • Timber processors and saw mills
  • Wood-based structural product manufacturers
  • Biomass energy plants

Key areas of expertise:

  • Product handling, including intake systems, walking floors, ash conveyors and by-product handling, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, ducting and elevators
  • Processing plant maintenance and upgrades including bespoke structures, equipment and ducting design and installation
  • Biomass handling systems and servicing

Example projects:

  • We installed an automated feed and stacking system into the moulding process for a floorboard manufacturer.
  • We’ve performed a number of shutdown-related upgrades for Norbord, near Stirling (see case study) and for Egger’s Barony Plant in Ayrshire.

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