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At Edwards Engineering we are committed to supporting our customers and ensuring that all operations function exactly as needed, when needed. For EOSF, this approach is vital during grain harvest.

The problem 

Grain harvest is a short and intense period in the calendar, and grain handling and drying equipment can fail under the strain of these peak loads. Variable conditions also contribute complexity to the problem, as varieties are at different stages of ripeness, and moisture content fluctuates. East of Scotland Farmers (EOSF) needed to increase their capacity to unload grain deliveries and to dry grain quickly to the required levels of moisture.

The solution 

Working with Edwards Engineering, EOSF decided to install one of the largest grain drying facilities in Europe, supported by grain storage, cleaning and dressing capability. Located at Coupar Angus in Scotland, the facility can process up to 40 tonnes of malting barley per hour through the Cimbria dryer, using gas fired burners.

The outcome 

Making good use of limited space, EOSF now has a world class facility that enables the 300 members of the cooperative to get the best out of their crops.


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