Our capabilities at Edwards Engineering are based on four core areas.


Manufacturing and production managers increasingly recognise that the best solution to any conveying or automated production problem is likely to come from specialists in this field. At Edwards Engineering, we are experts in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a variety of conveying and production equipment. 

Upgrades and modifications

We are also widely recognised for our ability to devise and carry out major upgrades and modifications to existing systems. Our skilled engineers provide a variety of customised contract maintenance packages and our experience and flexibility usually allows us to complete much of our work with minimal disruption to normal production schedules. 

Our range of capabilities

  • Grain handling and storage systems – incorporating dryers, conveyors, elevators, hoppers, silos, cleaners, dressers, dust extractors and aeration systems. We are also fully conversant with all the necessary monitoring and control systems.
  • Process engineering and mechanical handling – including the complete range of gravity feed, mechanical, pumped and pneumatic systems designed to handle the in-plant movement. Additionally, we handle processing and storage of materials in solid, pelletised, granulated, powdered, or liquid form; including fluidense, dense phase and pulse phase pneumatic conveyors.
  • Effluent treatment – includes the production of pipework, screens, scrapers, tanks and vessels, in a variety of materials
  • Conveying and production systems – from simple gravity feed conveyors, to highly sophisticated, fully automated, powered systems incorporating rollers, belt conveyors, bends, transfer and tipper facilities
  • Quarry plant and equipment – including hoppers, feeders, screens, housings and heavy duty ducting
  • Other specialist equipment – including product specific machines and hydraulics systems


As new capabilities emerge with technological advancement, and as the requirements of consumers change, many of our customers are undergoing a continual programme of upgrade and enhancement in their operations.   

Our comprehensive service includes initial design, detailed drawings, fabrication and erection of all types of structural steelwork, and cladding, using both traditional and highly specific materials.

Fabrication facilities

Our three acre facility in Perth incorporates 40,000 sq ft of covered fabrication space. The workshop has the capability to handle all projects with overhead cranes throughout, and a comprehensive contingent of machines. Our drawing office team is linked to our CNC machining capability and our engineers are experienced and flexible. Our structural set up incorporates the ability to cordon off stainless steel projects from mild steel and aluminium jobs. Our lay down area is well suited to trial assemblies before completed structures are sent to site for installation.

Our range of capabilities

  • Structural steelwork and cladding
  • Bridge fabrication and refurbishment 
  • Pipelines, vessels and tanks
  • Stainless steel fabrications
  • Architectural stairways and roofs


Our Electrical division now undertakes a very wide range of specialist electrical engineering, contract installation and maintenance operations and our team is widely recognised for the high quality and consistency of their work.

Typical projects

Typically, projects we are engaged to deliver include activities such as:

  • The build and installation of new control and distribution panels
  • The installation and commissioning of a variety of industrial heating systems, such as oil-fired burners on grain dryers
  • The operation of a customised service and maintenance programme


Our knowledge and experience make us competent in the fields of both site and detailed design.

Our structural design team is capable of evaluating complex design problems and reaching solutions that can be fabricated and erected in a cost effective manner.

Services include:

  • Site survey using 3D laser scanning survey equipment
  • 3D Modelling using the latest software
  • 2D and 3D General Arrangement Drawing
  • Fabrication Drawings and Advanced BoMs
  • Architectural and Miscellaneous Metal Work Drawings
  • Full Project Management Service
  • Steel Detailing and Connection Design
  • BIM Modelling, CNC, DXF and DSTV files technology