The Deanston Distillery is a well-known brand of Scotch whisky. Discover how Edwards installed key pieces of equipment to help in the process of producing premium quality whisky.

To ensure that their production capacity is sufficient to meet the growing demand for Deanston Distillery whisky, Distell are continuing to invest in upgrading their operations. Washbacks accommodate a key step in the process of producing premium quality whisky and the replacement of two of these vessels in situ was successfully completed by Edwards over the summer months.

The key challenges centred on the step-wise removal of the two old vessels and then the safe assembly and completion of the new vessels, all under the constraints of tight access and short timeframes during this year’s silent season. Our risk assessments identified substances requiring specialist handling and ensured welding and finishing of the vessels was safely completed to a high standard. The specially designed roofs of the vessels came out particularly well!

Stephen Woodcock, Distilleries Manager for Distell, commented, “It was a tough time scale where old vessels were removed and new vessels fabricated in situ without a single accident which I think is a real credit to Edwards’ team and their approach to their work.”

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