Edwards Engineering fabricates and installs the stunning centrepiece staircase at McEwan Hall.

The historic McEwan Hall has undergone an extensive refurbishment over the last 8 years by Edinburgh University and Edwards Engineering, working closely with the architects LDN and Interserve Construction, fabricated and installed the centrepiece staircase, to a demanding specification and in very tight installation conditions.

The staircase had been designed to wrap around the lift shaft – in order to plan this accurately Edwards built a scale model of the staircase and after a number of modifications was commissioned to fabricate the full staircase. The bulk of the staircase was manufactured at Edwards’ Perth site and then assembled in McEwan Hall but the Grade A status of the building presented Edwards’ engineers with significant hurdles. As the staircase was so heavy (over 46 tonnes of steel) our engineers had to ensure that the fabric of the building remained intact – this was extremely challenging in the very tight installation areas with multiple contractors on site.

Edwards successfully completed the project on time for this year’s July graduation where the staff, graduates and their families were able to enjoy the beautifully lit staircase. The refurbishment of the Hall has transformed it into a flexible, multipurpose venue that can be used by the university and the people of Edinburgh all year round.

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